Van Der Knaap Software Security Networks AB

In 1998 I, Jurian van der Knaap, started working as a software developer and system administrator for a non-profit organization in the Netherlands. A few years later most of the development team was transferred to a new (commercial) company. We developed web-based platforms for the Dutch Healthcare sector, several of these platforms had a very large number of daily visitors and we developed special software to handle this properly. We also set up several clusters of servers for different platforms; the predecessors what people now often refer to as “the cloud” and “cloud solutions”.

In 2005 the company downsized and I started my own company together with my colleague Martin, called Westland Hosting, for web hosting, web-based software development and systems administration for medium-size computer networks for several schools.

In 2008 I moved from the Netherlands to Sweden and focused on developing complete Software as a Service platforms, based entirely on the customers’ requirements, the security of these platforms, as well as setting up business computer networks.

As of January 2018 I have started my own company here in Sweden, allowing me to more easily focus on both local as well as international customers.